Hummingbird Concert at Kali’s

Barrydale, western Cape, south Africa


6:30 PM

As part of his 2020 Garden Route tour, Crallan will be offering his unique blend of heart opening music.

Close your eyes and allow the sounds of Crallan's warm and gentle, intricately woven melodies to take you on a journey of honoring Mother Nature and the elements, self reflection,surrender and bliss. Part mantra, part song, part sound journey. Crallan uses voice, guitar, medicine drum and singing bowl with skill, passion and intention, this is an experience you don't want to miss.

This will be my first visit to Barrydale. I am looking so much forward to sharing my music with this little town, hope to see you there.

Venue Details

Kali's 35 de Kock street
Barrydale, western Cape
south Africa