Fynbos by Crallan Ray Vega

This is a performance of the song Fynbos by South African sonic artist Crallan Ray Vega, performed at Learning Clan festival near Riviersonderend, South Africa, on the 29th of December 2018. He is accompanied by the Catto Brothers. Fynbos is the indigenous flora endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa where Crallan resides. Fynbos is known for its biodiversity with over 8000 species in existence. Fynbos literally means fine leafed plants in Crallan’s native Afrikaans and this delicacy is captured in this song. The song carries us to the Amazon jungle and merges with the lush rhythms of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa. The song speaks of the meeting of these two worlds and Crallan’s own journey, meeting and inspiration with Pajes from Brazil. http://crallan.com/ https://learningclan.net/

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